Public Sector Integrity Commissioner Finds Wrongdoing at Global Affairs Canada

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Ottawa, October 6, 2022 - The Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada, Joe Friday, tabled a Case Report in Parliament today regarding Global Affairs Canada (GAC).

As a result of a whistleblower coming forward, Commissioner Friday investigated the behaviour of a GAC executive that occurred over several years, as well as GAC’s response to the executive’s behaviour. In making his findings of wrongdoing, Commissioner Friday emphasized the importance of both the executive’s responsibility for the conduct and the insufficient action by GAC that allowed the inappropriate behaviour to continue.

“This Case Report can serve as a reminder that all public servants have a duty to uphold the Values and Ethics Code of the Public Service, and that executives in particular have a role to play in setting an example of appropriate behaviour for employees. In addition, it underscores the duty of management to take action when the behaviour of executives is having a negative impact on employees.”

The Case Report includes recommendations related to considering disciplinary actions against the executive, assessing the need for a workplace wellness initiative, as well as ensuring that managers understand their obligations under the Values and Ethics Code. “It is the responsibility of management to ensure a safe work environment in which employees feel empowered to come forward with concerns.”

Please consult the Case Report for further details. You can also view Commissioner Friday’s full statement on YouTube.




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