2018–19 Audit and Evaluation Committee Annual Plan


Committee Action Purpose Frequency April 2018 July 2018 November 2018 Remarks
Audit Committee Charter Review Biannual       N/A - done last year
Audit Committee Annual Plan Approve Annual X      
Audit Committee Schedule Approve Annual X      
Audit Committee Competency Profile Review Biannual   X    
Training/Orientation Information As required     X DAC Symposium
Internal Audit and Evaluation Oversight Responsibilities
Internal Audit Policy Recommend See remarks       Follows TB Policy
Audits and Evaluations Recommend See remarks   X X Results - July LAR, November H.R.
Risk-based internal audit plan Review Annual X      
Adequacy of internal audit resources Review Annual X      
Performance of Chief Audit Executive Advise Annual X      
Performance of internal audit function Advise Annual X      
Management Action Plans Review Ongoing   X X Create spreadsheet with status
Annual Responsibilities
Corporate Values and Ethics (Code, practices, COI) Review Annual X   X  
Corporate risk profile Review Annual X      
Reports on PSIC by others Review Ongoing X X X OL, OAG, OIC, Privacy, etc.
PSIC Quarterly Financial Statements Review Quarterly       Done offline via email
Public Accounts Information Annual   X    
Departmental Plan Information See remarks X      
Departmental Results Report Information See remarks     X Consultation in September
Commissioner’s Annual Report to Parliament Information See remarks   X    
Committee Assessment
Committee Self-Assessment Carry-out Annual X      
External Assessment Undergo As required        
Accountability Reporting
AEC Annual Report Prepare Annual   X    
In Camera Meetings
With Commissioner, CAE, CFO Discussion Each meeting X X X  
With OAG Discussion Ongoing X X X  
AEC Members Discussion Each meeting X X X  
Pre‐Meeting Working Session Prepare As required       Generally first meeting of year